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Our used cooking oil collection service is comprised of used cooking oil (UCO) which is generated from many segments of the food industry, including supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants and small corner stores that offer fried foods. Many food manufacturers also generate UCO-producing products for consumers. Cooking oil and grease cannot be thrown out or dumped down the drain because of its composition, so instead MOPAC has a yellow grease and used cooking oil service that businesses can utilize. We have salesmen who receive service calls and immediately give an on-site evaluation to put you in place with an agreement and a container in a swift and prompt manner. After the initial agreement, MOPAC oversees service for both inside and outside recycling container, with computerized routing and scheduling. We also are prepared to deal with emergency situations like overflow and spillage.

Used Cooking Oil Storage Equipment

MOPAC provides a range of options for product storage and safety. We have enhanced safety requirements minimize incidents of theft, while the additional sanitary requirements can increase financial returns. Standard used cooking oil storage equipment (for external placement at the rear of an establishment) includes 55 gallon drums and 250 or 300 gallon tanks. All containers are designed to be theft proof and should be locked at all times for safety.

MOPAC Containers For Restaurants, Grocery Stores, or Any Food Establishments

MOPAC Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor Used Cooking Oil Recycling Containers:

2 55-Gallon Drums (Our smallest outdoor unit)

MOPAC Drum for Used Cooking Oil and Grease

This grease recycling option is perfect for restaurant customers who want to lower their cost but don’t want to compromise of their storefront appearance. Outdoor drums allow for easy disposal, has been a proven safe method of disposal for years, and the mess and hassle of grease disposal can stay out of sight and out of mind. Splurging on an inside tank is a big undertaking and can be cost prohibitive. MOPAC offers drums so we can service restaurants in a safe, effective manner for everyone. 

Comes in a set of 2

Comes with a locking ring

Constructed with steel for corrosion resistance

Outside dimensions are typically 23” diameter and 34.5” height

Comes with MOPAC’s used cooking oil disposal service


110-Gallon Small Tank

MOPAC small tank for grease and used cooking oil

Perfect for the small restaurant that is currently using drums to collect their fryer oil, our new small tank allows for the convenience of a much larger container but it’s size is equivalent to two 55 gallon drums. These tanks are constructed similar to our industrial large tanks, but paired down for size. It’s constructed using a 12 gauge steel for years of dependable service. Our lids are bolted down on all four sides, and it comes with a lock fitted underneath to protect your used cooking oil from thieves. The top lid is hinged and contains a mesh screen that keeps out any insoluble matter. MOPAC recommends these customized small tanks particularly for restaurants who are uncompromising on appearance, have problems with thieves or tampering or for customers in high traffic or wooded areas where drums are likely to be overturned.

Comes with a Master-lock for thief protection

12 gauge steel for corrosion resistance

Leak tested 

Lid allows easy dumping access 

The height and length is 36 inches and the width at the top is 33 inches

200 & 300-Gallon Medium & Large Tanks

Outdoor Used Cooking Oil andGrease Collection Tank

Our medium and large used cooking oil outdoor tanks are often the go-to for restaurants that go through high volumes of grease. Our larger tanks allow businesses with multiple fryers to never worry about having somewhere to dispose of old and used fryer grease. These tanks can be treated in a similar fashion to trash units for businesses- usually stored around the back of the facility where our drivers seamlessly service the container without our customers having to call in with our automated collection service. Let us put the ease in grease!

Comes locked on both sides for thief protection

12 gauge steel for corrosion resistance

Leak tested 

Lid allows easy dumping access 

For 200-Gal Medium Tanks the height is 36 inches, length is 60 inches at top and the width at the top is 33 inches

For 300-Gal Large Tanks the height is 36 inches, the length is 60 inches at top, and the width at the top is 43 inches

Grease Mobility Units

MOPAC Caddies Grease Mobility UnitWe have a variety of caddies and wheeled units that allow the customer to bring used cooking oil from the fryer to the outdoor tank. These products are proven to reduce slips, trips, falls and spills for employees because there is no hand contact with the grease. This is a mess-free option that supplements outdoor tanks as added safety precaution while still being cost effective. These items, in addition to a MOPAC tank, makes disposing and recycling your used cooking oil and fryer grease as safe as possible. The products available to the MOPAC team is not limited to what is pictured below, but instead can be used as a reference or starting point. 

Options include:

10,15, and 20 or custom gallon capacity

Pump-able or handheld

Suction wand to collect oil from top of fryer

Download Our Sustainability Facts

MOPAC Infographic on tank specs and sustainability facts

Download Tanks Specifications

MOPAC Infographic on tank specs and sustainability facts

Used Cooking Oil Spills and Other Emergencies

Mopac currently has 10 account managers in the field daily, covering several states in the northeast.

Each area field manager has all the necessary equipment needed to handle emergencies such as UCO spills and leaking containers (including customer mishaps) and the logistical and technical requirements of our transportation team.

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Looking for an indoor solution?

MOPAC custom designs and installs tanks made for grease recycling. The amount of configuration and custom additions MOPAC has available makes meeting any exacting specifications possible.

Customize Your Experience

In addition to inside and outside storage, and a variety of sized tanks MOPAC offers a personalized and customized solution for the recycling of your grease. We can offer new and innovative ways to collect grease according to your demands, whether you have multiple locations or multiple on-site collections, multiple users within the same complex, or an industrial process that requires special equipment or treatment. We are innovative in creating a unique solution to whatever challenge your grease collection requires.

Used Cooking Oil Inside Grease Disposal Unit

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Used Cooking Oil Disposal Guide for Residents and Restaurants.

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