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Bridging Our Past with a Sustainable Future

Our Story

Mopac’s story began in Souderton, PA in 1877 under the guidance of Abraham F. Moyer. Initially a small, family-operated meatpacking business, we have grown alongside our community’s expansion from a rural environment to a prominent player in the industry. Our transformation from a modest enterprise to a responsible leader in the field signifies our dedication to progress and ethical practices.

We have consistently pursued excellence and innovation, mirroring Souderton’s journey from a simple countryside to a thriving suburb. By embracing environmentally conscious practices well before they gained widespread acceptance, we established a rendering facility committed to waste reduction. This endeavor epitomizes our unwavering commitment to responsible business operations, ensuring that every aspect of our process is managed with care and respect.

Through the years, our adherence to these principles has earned us recognition. By the early 2000s, Moyer Packing had become a reputable name in the Eastern U.S. beef processing market. Nonetheless, our journey of growth and responsibility surpasses this milestone, continuing steadfastly.

MOPAC Today – A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Community

Now operating under the JBS umbrella, Mopac remains committed to our core values of environmental care and community engagement. We are a collective of passionate professionals focused on making a positive impact. Our mission revolves around converting challenging by-products like grease, cooking oils, and inedible animal by-products into valuable resources. These materials are repurposed into essential commodities such as bio-diesel, cosmetics, and animal feed, contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

At MOPAC, we envision a future where our business activities positively contribute to the health of our planet. Our work extends beyond rendering services, aligning with our goal of fostering a sustainable future through deliberate and thoughtful actions. Our heritage reflects responsible growth, and each step forward is taken with a vision for a better future that benefits us all.

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A Century of Sustainability Leadership

For over a century, MOPAC has pioneered in the transformation of waste into valuable resources, particularly repurposing 58 million pounds of used vegetable oils annually for various industries. This remarkable endeavor exemplifies our commitment to creating a sustainable world.

Our Holistic Approach to Environmental Stewardship

Our core philosophy of Total Resource Utilization drives us to recycle every material, striving for complete self-sustainability. Our dedicated team is committed to implementing innovative practices that contribute to a cleaner planet. Beyond our operational efforts, we also advocate for responsible recycling of FOG (Fats, Oil, and Grease) materials to play a crucial role in reducing environmental harm. 

Achievements and Future Commitments

MOPAC’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated through its significant contributions to sustainability. Annually, we recycle over 50 million gallons of water and recover enough thermal energy to heat 300 homes each winter. Our initiatives align with the Clean Air Act Permit, ensuring thorough air treatment and water recycling. As part of JBS USA, we embrace the three pillars of sustainability: social responsibility, economic viability, and environmental stewardship, positively impacting our community. Our dedication to continuous innovation and sustainable practices guides us towards a greener future, and we welcome partnerships on this journey.

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