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MOPAC is delighted to offer a premier quality of rendered ingredients made possible by our dedication to compliance and sustainability. We do this through our commitment to offer only what’s best for our neighbors, our customers, our team members and the local environment. We thrive only when those around us do as well. When you choose MOPAC, you’re choosing a company that will always strive to be a leader in our field through extensive planning, constant monitoring and testing, and good manufacturing practices. Ask us about it; we only preach what we practice and we take pride in explaining why and how we do the things we do because it’s all for you- our customers, our local community, our team members and the environment we all live in.



We are a single site rendering entity, yet MOPAC has led the rendering industry to commission the latest and highest sensitivity testing available thus embracing the pet food industry’s challenge for adulterant-free product (including pentobarbital). We have done all this through sustainable practices and governmental compliance (using the latest Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines and risk analysis to identify and mitigate ALL risks). This has produced thousands of tests from independent world renowned laboratories that measure in “two parts per billion” which show negative results. Therefore, continually validating on daily basis our integrated bio-security programs. All incoming materials, through visual and organoleptic means are reviewed prior to processing. We also test for other known chemical adulterants, such as chlorinated pesticides and PCBs. MOPAC is aggressive in their food safety to ensure we do not transmit any known biological risks to our finished products. MOPAC will not release products into the marketplace unless al testing shows they are in compliance. It is this pledge we make to our valued customers.


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Sean Coonan

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  • Indicate your percent specifications along with the product if you have any
  • Indicate your percent specifications along with the product if you have any


Our Pledge: To Offer Only What’s Best for Our Neighbors, Our Customers, Our Team Members and The Local Environment

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