Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us for used cooking oil recycling (or about anything you need). We will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. If you have a specific question, check out our FAQ Page because we might have answered it already. If you are interested in a Career with MOPAC, please visit our career page for more information.

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Once your service request has been submitted, it will be reviewed within the next business day, and the request is put on a schedule shortly after. Call our customer service center if you have any emergency requests or problems with your service, we’d be happy to help!

Quick Info for Current Customers

MOPAC used cooking oil and grease disposal

Currently, MOPAC has all customers on a computerized routing schedule determined quantity of previous collected used grease or used cooking oil, and we use predictive technology to find out when you will next need service.

If you had an increase or decrease in your grease intake and need to vary your scheduled grease pick-up amount, contact us and we will adjust your pick-up accordingly.

Full or overflowing used cooking oil containers?

If your tank or drum is full or overflowing, use the form above to put in a request that will have us there ASAP (check our blog for what you can do immediately about overflow and spills too). If your tank is overflowing, store cooled excess grease in buckets or cans without liners and we will pick up the grease from the additional container.

Noticed a cooking oil spill?

If a spill should occur, we recommend the customer should immediately put absorbent material down, such as kitty litter, saw dust or any other permeable material. Customers should call MOPAC for further instructions if the spill cannot be contained.

Not quite full but getting a little worried?

Don’t be! If your tank is less than 3/4ths full, we recommend your business waits till the container is full to put in a service request, or wait for our pre-programmed routed scheduling (we have a program that automatically tells us when you’ll be full again).

Check out our blog posts about container maintenance, size, and grease theft tips (yes it gets stolen) for more info or check out the chart below to see MOPAC’s collection algorithm explained!

A Used Cooking Oil Collection Infographic

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