MOPAC & Relay for Life

MOPAC has always been dedicated to giving back to the community. We’ve been servicing the community as a service provider, but in the past few years MOPAC has engaged the community in other ways, most recently as a partner with Relay for Life. Since 2014 the employees of MOPAC have delightedly devoted their time to… Read more »

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What Grease Does to Your Drains

From Sink to Sewer When grease is poured into the drain it leaves your house or business as a liquid, but it does not stay that way for long. As soon as that grease is cooled or meets a cool object underground it becomes a solid again, quickly becoming a conglomeration with chemicals and debris… Read more »

Grease Container Tips & House Keeping

Help Us Help You Contact us if your business or company want a laminated copy to keep by your containment unit Find out how to correctly maintain your grease containers   Allowable Items – Rendering UCO Containers: o Used Cooking Oil o Unused expired cooking oil NON-Allowable Items: o Trash of any kind, including packaging… Read more »

Our Guarantee

When it comes to our customers, we put you first. When you work with MOPAC you will be dealing with an experienced, secure, and “green-friendly” renderer, and you have our guarantee that: We recycle 100% of what we pick up. Our employees are HACCP trained. Our operations are overseen by FDA inspectors. We are ISO 14001 Certified. We… Read more »

Find out how you can benefit from the Mopac Advantage

Mopac is one of the largest renderers in the East and is a trusted partner of companies for their grease recycling needs. Working with Mopac you will receive unmatched service that includes: Computerized routing and scheduling for your service needs Reliable, on-time pickup On-site evaluation and consultation State-of-the-art tailored equipment and containers to store your… Read more »