Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil Collection & Grease Recycling

Our used cooking oil collection service is comprised of used cooking oil (UCO) which is generated from many segments of the food industry, including supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants and small corner stores that offer fried foods. Many food manufacturers also generate UCO-producing products for consumers. Cooking oil and grease cannot be thrown out or dumped down the drain because of its composition, so instead MOPAC has a yellow grease and used cooking oil service that businesses can utilize. We have salesmen who receive service calls and immediately give an on-site evaluation to put you in place with an agreement and a container in a swift and prompt manner. After the initial agreement, MOPAC oversees service for both inside and outside recycling container, with computerized routing and scheduling. We also are prepared to deal with emergency situations like overflow and spillage.

Customize Your Experience

In addition to inside and outside storage, and a variety of sized tanks, MOPAC offers a personalized and customized solution. We can offer new and innovative ways to collect grease according to your demands, whether you have multiple locations or multiple on-site collections, multiple users within the same complex, or an industrial process that requires special equipment or treatment. We are innovative in creating a unique solution to whatever challenge your grease collection requires. Looking for a simpler solution? Check out our outdoor cooking oil containers.

Do You Go Through Grease like Crazy?

Keep your restaurant free of spills, trips, slips, and falls by going to an indoor unit. Save yourself hours of stress and mess by changing over to a cooking oil automated inside system.



Multiple Fryers All Over the Building?

We have many solutions for large facilities with more than one location that fries. Are you a Food Hall, Hospital, Business Complex, University, Concert Hall, or Park? Let MOPAC know your current predicament, and your problems will be a thing of the past!

Not Being Properly Compensated?

Stop flushing your money down the drain, and instead catch every drop of that pure gold grease with an inside system. Have MOPAC evaluate your property for the best way to stop moisture from entering your system.


grease is money

There’s a MOPAC Solution For You

Inside Tanks:

MOPAC custom designs and installs tanks made for grease disposal. These cooking oil automated systems take all of the work out of grease recycling. The amount of configuration and custom additions MOPAC has available makes meeting any exacting specifications possible. Our inside tanks can be placed anywhere around a facility. Often there are assumptions about where and how an inside tank is accessible, but that is often not the case. Most inside tanks can be custom built to work around the space available in the kitchen- and if there’s no room there, well, we have piping that allows our customers to put tanks almost anywhere, including basements and behind facilities.

Common aspects among tanks:

  • Double-walled, secondary containment built-in, tank within a tank construction
  • Free standing, above ground
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum exterior
  • Remote control panel with power indicator
  • level indicators and safety overflow protection
  • Easy access for service components
  • Immersion heater to maintain a liquid content

Benefits of an inside tank:

  • No direct contact with grease or used cooking oil
  • Slip, trip, fall, and spill reduction
  • Less employee downtime
  • Labor saving
  • Employee safety
  • Cleaner facility and grounds
  • Higher oil volume
  • Avoid sewer and drain clogs
  • Avoid pollution fines


Used Cooking Oil Inside Grease Disposal Unit

used cooking oil inside tank configuration

Inside tanks too complex? Check out our outdoor systems:

Outside Tanks

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