As you may know, MOPAC Rendering has recycled used vegetable oils for distribution into the fats and animal food industries for more than 100 years. During the last decade, MOPAC has modified its focus by recycling your Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into the environmentally friendly bio-fuels markets. We see our mutual participation in recycling UCO, destined to this globally recognized market, as our opportunity to further reduce our carbon footprint on our planet. We have been ISCC Certified by the European Union since July 2017.

We know you have a choice as to who should collect your UCO. By entrusting MOPAC with that, we wanted to make sure you are aware that our partnership furthers your organization in being a responsible member of our global community. We would like to thank you in joining our process for ISCC Certification and we understand the inconvenience of an annual form to resign. But putting your trust into MOPAC means you can trust that all of the Used Cooking Oil MOPAC collects is recycled in a clean, proper manner and can be put back into our commodity markets as a bio-fuel ingredient and can be part of an international credit program that allows foreign countries to receive credits for bio-fuel purchased with an ISCC certification. MOPAC makes this process a priority to help relieve governmental concern about used cooking oils to sneakily reentering the commodity market as a virgin product.


An ISCC Certification guarantees MOPAC implements a 100% transparent traceability program that allows us to monitor all incoming materials. MOPAC can promise that all collected grease and UCO material is in line with RED, the Renewable Energy Directive and complies with all requirements and guidelines of the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC).

We thank you for sharing our vision of a greener environment. We are committed to the health of our planet by preserving the ecosystem and reducing our carbon footprint. By working together in this goal we can help set the new standard for future generations.

By signing, the self-declarations (as well as the terms and conditions) as published on the website apply and are a valid part of this agreement for the contractual period. If no objection is made by the customer 14 days before the expiry of each calendar year of this agreement, the self-declaration is confirmed for the following year.