MOPAC is delighted to offer a premier quality of rendered ingredients made possible by our dedication to compliance and sustainability. We do this through our commitment to offer only what’s best for our neighbors, our customers, our team members and the local environment. We thrive only when those around us do as well. When you choose MOPAC, you’re choosing a company that will always strive to be a leader in our field through extensive planning, constant monitoring and testing, and good manufacturing practices.

MOPAC's Quality Sourced Through Compliance and Sustainability

Ask us about it; we only preach what we practice and we take pride in explaining why and how we do the things we do because it’s all for you- our customers, our local community, our team members and the environment we all live in.

Here at MOPAC, we are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, safety and excellence. We are the first line of defense, and we protect our final product by starting at the source. Our industry has a responsibility to keep our food chain safe from harmful adulterants. MOPAC is the “gatekeeper” and we accomplish this with a complete integrated bio-security program. These procedures are critical to maintaining a safe, secure food chain which has been proven effective by our rigorous quality control standards and testing.


By utilizing our system for evaluating incoming raw materials, MOPAC ensures that these ingredients are suitable for use in human products and animal feeds. MOPAC processes over 56 million pounds of animal by-products annually; by processing this material into usable ingredients we keep it out of landfills or compost piles within our community. By recycling this material into new products, we help protect our land and groundwater from pathogens that occur during the decomposition process. We ensure that our feed ingredients are digestible, safe and traceable. MOPAC has earned their International Sustainable Carbon Certification and is governed by the FDA. We focus on protecting the full life cycle of our livestock, even after slaughter. This, in turn, helps our pets, families, neighbors and the community at large.

The ongoing growth and globalization in livestock and agricultural industry presents many challenges, such as securing feed supplies that are safe, healthy and sustainable. Our Feed and Pet Food solutions have secured us in a vital role in this field. By repurposing organic bio-nutrient residuals, we are among the leading suppliers of natural, sustainable feed ingredients.


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MOPAC's 5 secure and sustainable bio security processes

A Family-Oriented Company with the Support of an

International Parent Organization

We have access to a very large and diverse supply of raw materials, our global parent company JBS works hand in hand with our 140+ years expert knowledge foundation. This, with our R&D capabilities, allow us to be an innovative leader in the developing health and pharmaceutical solutions markets. Furthermore, our breadth of knowledge with the functionalities of many organic ingredients that our customers use and of their behavior in a wide range of applications enables us to support customers in developing new products.

Through our secure operations, we offer a variety of sustainable solutions to help answer the growing demands for food, feed and fuel. Safe, reliable and of highest quality- our unique solutions contribute to the health and safety of people, animals and the planet- reducing the demand on our natural resources by repurposing organic residuals and by-products.

MOPAC's Parent Corporation JBS, the Brazil-Based International Organization

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