Compliance Starts with Community

We don’t comply because we need to, but instead because it’s our commitment: to offer only what’s best for our neighbors, our customers, our team members and the local environment.

How are we able to have confidence in our processes? Well, we can look towards our MOPAC Pledge, which addresses any material that even thinks about leaving our facility:

THE MOPAC PLEDGE: We are a single site rendering entity, yet MOPAC has led the rendering industry to commission the latest and highest sensitivity testing available thus embracing the pet food industry’s challenge for adulterant-free product (including pentobarbital). We have done all this through sustainable practices and governmental compliance (using the latest Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines and risk analysis to identify and mitigate ALL risks). This has produced thousands of tests from independent world renown laboratories that measure to as little as two parts per billion which show negative results which continually validates the systems we’ve put in place. Our incoming materials, through visual and organoleptic means are reviewed prior to processing. We also test for other known chemical adulterants, such as chlorinated pesticides and PCBs. MOPAC is aggressive in their food safety to ensure we do not transmit any known biological risks to our finished products. MOPAC will not release products into the marketplace unless al testing shows they are in compliance. It is this pledge we make to our valued customers.


MOPAC team is devoted to an attitude of safety- this includes all a Food Safety Plan that is written in accordance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. Any materials we collect have been thoroughly tested to governmental and industry standards. Our team is equipped at our facilities to correctly follow any of our SOPs  (Standard Operating Procedure) and our operations are overseen by plant management in Safety, and Quality, and Sustainability to ensure compliance at all points in our process.


All of our suppliers of our raw materials have strict requirements they must meet before we allow collection of their materials. Approved suppliers must be part of a USDA-inspected facility. ALL of the cattle we process comes from USDA inspected facilities whose animals were humanly slaughtered. We do not accept the following (that other rendering companies continue to allow): dead, dying, or disabled cattle. We also do not accept fallen cattle or any cattle that did not pass a USDA facility inspection. We do not accept CMPAF/SRM parts of the cattle either. We do not accept horses, animals from labs or other testing facilities, or animals from veterinarians or clinics (including companion animals). We also keep logs of all incoming material, which helps ensure traceability of all in-process and finished products.


MOPAC’s entire process is complaint and meet or exceed the standards of the official industry standards for animal feed safety programs, reduced food safety risks, ruminant feed ban, BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), pesticide tolerances etc. We meet or exceed the standards for guidelines from the following facilities:

  • Animal Protein Producers Institute (APPI)
  • The American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)
  • United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • The American Oil Chemist Society (AOC)
    • We have an in-house laboratory that has capabilities and resources to test into the several parts per billion
    • Our laboratory standard operating procedures are based on the AOCS method’s to ensure testing of the proper adulterants.
    • We have been the first to develop a standardized testing practice for the presence of pentobarbital nationwide
    • We only release material to customers after it has undergone laboratory testing to ensure it is safe for use

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